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Today i was up in the RDS at gradireland. It seemed like the every student in the country was up there too. There were plenty of talks and employers there, which suggests it’s not all doom and gloom on the job front…

We arrived at about 11.15am and left the RDS at about 1.30pm. That’s the beauty of driving up… no waiting around on buses or DARTS. The one and only talk we went to was one called “Networking and active job hunting”, by Sinead English.

The first thing i noticed was her powerpoint slides – bullet points kept to a minimum and great use of images. She had obviously read my blog post yesterday :mrgreen: It was engaging and entertaining throughout. The way all lectures should be. In summary, it was all about networking techniques and how networking is the key to finding a job.

Linkedin got a mention, and Sinead said she knows employers who seek employees exclusively through linkedin. And that makes sense. If i was employing someone i wouldn’t want to interview them without knowing anything about them… i’d love to see a detailed linkedin profile, a casual facebook page, a blog, a website… as much information as possible about someone before i’d interview them.

We were also told what networking isn’t. It’s not ‘me, me, me’… building MY contacts, getting MY name out there, helping ME, you must give and take, not just take. Taking constantly from a contact will quickly create bad relations or lead to you being frozen out. And let’s face it, we all know ‘takers’.

So that 1 hour lecture was worth the trip alone. All common sense stuff but it gets you thinking about how to network better, how to increase the chances of getting interviews etc… little things add up. From body language and first impression to wording on a CV… it’s all connected.

Now, back to the the real world of assignments & presentations. All that job stuff is in a land far far away and i think for my own mental health it’s important to forget about it until May, or at least try to. The job search does not start here, it starts when i’m finished with college or when i can accurately predict what sort of degree i’ll get. The reality is every minute spent thinking about jobs now is a minute lost that i could have been spending on college work. That’s the way i have to think to from now until May.

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