How to Create Polls using Google Docs

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Ever wanted to create a poll in google apps and share it with a group? Well if you use google apps for domains, this is a very handy tool and saves the messy process of using an external poll provider, then emailing all group members, then emailing results etc…

Just the other day i needed some way to create a private, internal poll and thought i’d see if it could be done with google apps. Sure enough it can. Here’s how…

Create New Form

Forms in Google Docs

Fill out details

Give your form a title, description and then ask a question. Change question type to dropdown box (if you want to limit the number of items people can select) or ‘checkboxes’ if you want to allow them to select multiple items.

Forms in Google Docs

Save / Send / Preview

Click save and you can then email everyone in the group or certain individuals… you can change the theme / design if you want to get fancy too.

form design


Finally, you can monitor & track results easily. Google saves them in spreadsheet format but also allows you to view graphs and charts. Here’s one i made earlier in the week (can’t show you the top secret info unfortunately)…

Forms in Google Docs

So there you have it. If you’re using google apps in a business or with groups, you can now easily create internal polls and fire them off to all members who can also answer inside emails… they don’t have to visit another url or the document in google docs itself.


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