how to create panoramic images..

For the past few weeks i’ve been playing around with autostitch – image software which literally stiches together multiple images to create one panoramic image.. see below for a few examples.. i have to say i’m impressed by this software (a) because its so easy to use and (b) it’s freeware..

I shot these two seperately (with a panoramic image in mind)


I then used autostitch to stitch them together.. this is just a quick example, had i spent more time taking the first two shots i could have got a perfect panoramic image.


It means any idiot can now produce panoramic images of whatever they want 😛

It’s clever.. if you ask it to stitch together photos of your night out clubbing and then another image of your dog and cat, it won’t mesh the two together, it knows what fits and what doesn’t :mrgreen:

However, if you take a picture of, for example a bedroom.. so long as the floor/roof lines add up and the lighting is in general the same, it will work.. I can’t wait to try this out with my London pictures – i’ll be deliberately taking pictures with the intention of autostitching them..

Perfect to show you guys a full panoramic view of my hotel room, inside the o2 arena or the London skyline from the London Eye.. 😎

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