how to create more time

I’ve noticed my life getting a whole lot busier lately..

Gone are the days when i can sit down, chill out and just browse the net aimlessy. I’m always doing little bits and pieces for people which really drains my time away.

Who’s to blame? Me of course.

That sort of crap has to stop, and my apparent 24/7 free tech support line also has to stop if i’m to focus and develop my own stuff. Don’t get me wrong, i love helping certain people… the people who need help and genuinely don’t have a clue what to do, but are willing to learn and express gratitude when you do help them – they’re the guys who make it all worthwhile and i do help loads of those guys.

(If you guys ever need a hand with anything you think i can help you with, contact me – i love meeting people, getting opinions, helping people and forming solid relationships.)

But it’s the ‘why doesn’t this work? hey, you know about computers, help me’ folks who i’m talking about. Mainly offline i have to say, but if the tables were turned i doubt they’d be so helpful towards me and also, i highly doubt i’d ask a mechanic for a free service or to fix a problem for nothing.

It’s a reputation -v- time thing, and if you have the time, do the freebies and gain the respect and goodwill… but if you don’t have the time, ties will have to be severed 😈

With the BeerChief loving re-kindled, i’m now REALLY excited and determined to get it sorted out, so the time is right to start offloading some excess baggage. Baggage in the form of my mini blog network of course.

In my mind, right now, i have 3 big commitments financially – beerchief, new office, summer holiday. We’re talking €3000 i reckon for all. JPEGr will be sacraficed which should knock a grand easy off, which leaves €2k.

I’m hoping my blog network will fetch €1000, provided i customize the themes a little and add a few more artciles to all.

That leaves about €1k. A scramble. I guess my 21st bash should see me make a dent in that figure, but i can’t rely on that, it’s too risky… i have to prepare for the worst. I guess more site flipping and perhaps more partnerships are in order.

Right now though, i’m working on cleaning up a few sites in my blog network and getting them ready for sale. Once i put the first couple up for auction, i’ll get a taste of what people want and what they’re willing to pay for a niche blog, with a few bells and whistles.

College is of course getting in the way of all this.. but i can’t say that shhhhhh 😉 It *should* be priority no.1 and if i under-estimate it or over-estimate myself, i could be left with a real headache come exam time in May. That’s certainly not a burden i want all summer – knowing i have to repeat exams and study for them all summer.

So fun times ahead. Hard work and head down required all around. In summary, i have to sell 10 blogs, sell JPEGr, outsource, promote and launch BeerChief, buy myself a new office, keep up with college work, keep blogging on and this blog, then have enough cash flow left over to book a summer holiday. Lucky me 😐

I can see a BeerChief launch date slipping perhaps by a few months into the summer – although that’s unlikely given the fact it’s pretty much done and all we need is cash to get it up, but the rest, i pretty much HAVE to do before May. Well, i don’t have to, but don’t tell me that as i’ll only get lazy. When i have to do something, i’ll do it 😎

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