how small is too small?

The new nano ipod i ordered on Friday at 11.55pm, arrived this morning..

I got a little cardboard package the size of my hand, wasn’t sure if it was the ipod or some other free/spammy stuff. It was too small to be an ipod package i thought to myself..

Anway, i opened it up and indeed it was an ipod. I still can’t get over the size of it. I think this picture pretty much sums it up; the nano ipod -v- my 5th gen 30gb ipod -v- my nokia n95 -v- an sd memory card.

It’s basically half the size, weight and width of my ipod and not much thicker than the sd card. In fact, it’s not much bigger than 4 sd cards in 2 x 2 rows :mrgreen:

It begs the question of course how small is too small? Are we getting to the stage where we have the technology to go smaller, but it’s too small for our hands and eyes to operate? This little bad boy can probably do more than a typical computer could 15 years ago, and we all know how big those things were 😛

Or in 15 years time, will i be sitting here saying how 15 years ago, the ipod nano was a big brick of a thing compared to the ipod nino, which is the size of a finger nail and packs an 80gb harddrive? :mrgreen:

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