how much paper does a college student use?

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Some of you may remember a series of posts i titled ‘paper watch’ back in 2007 when i first started college. Those posts simply tracked the amount of paper handouts i got in college. 3 years on and these days i don’t have the time to be counting the number of pages i get, but i do still keep everything i get. So how much stuff have a actually gathered over 3 years?…

Well, i was pretty stunned when i pulled it all together. First of all it weighed a tonne and secondly you can see from the pictures below just how high that stuff is stacked!! Now ok, it’s not all paper – i have some folders in there but the folders contain paper and my notepads are full of ‘used’ paper too.




This gives you a good idea of what to expect if you’re doing any sort of degree. You see that stack of crap above? You have to get at least 40% of it in to your head to come out of college with a degree :mrgreen:

And let me remind you i’m doing a COMPUTING degree… using computers, coding, administration work… installing applications, building applications etc… you’d think it would all be online learning material, but no, we get print outs too whether we like it or not.

This of course triggers the paper -v- digital war again. Some people like to have pen and paper and write down notes, draw diagrams etc… others like to have no clutter on their desk, just a computer and a pen / paper free zone.

Personally, i read more in digital format than i do on paper. It’s just easier to take in information. Links, copy, paste, google… you don’t get that with paper. On the flip side you can’t jot down quick sketches or notes with a PC like you can with pen and paper although i believe mobile phones are changing that slightly. If i need to write something down quickly off a white board or projector, i’ll take a picture of it if i can (sounds lazy but it’s actually pretty smart) or else save it as a text message.

Anyway, there you have it… that’s how much paper makes up a 3 year college degree course in computing these days (2007-2010). I look forward to burning it all when i’m finished 🙂

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