how long does it take to blog

Most of the big guns of the blogging world (john chow, shoemoney, problogger, tyler cruz etc..) have all admitted to spending way too much time on blogging.


So much time, so little return – that’s the way it is for most bloggers, myself included. But return in terms of cash is unrealistic, unless you’re an expert in a particular field, have a huge following or run a successful business.

In spend easily 2 hours a day on this blog. Add in my new ‘team’ of blogs and i’m looking at a hell of a lot of man hours spent blogging. Too many.

But i love blogging. It’s like driving – some people enjoy it, some don’t. Some do it only when they have to and some do it in their leisure time for fun. That’s exactly the way i am. I’m a leisure blogger. Once/if it becomes ‘work’, then i’m in big trouble as i’ll lose my spark and enthusiasm.

But the one thing to remember is that you’re your own boss and nobody is ‘forcing’ you to blog only yourself. So if you feel yourself getting sick of blogging, stay away and cool down for a few days, then come back. Don’t force yourself to blog as that will probably come across in your writing and tone.

Like anything, time flies when you’re have fun. So if you read ‘2 hours blogging’ and think that’s a ridiculous waste of time, then obviously you’re not a keen, diehard blogger. Whereas if you read ‘2 hours, yeah i can relate to that’, then you more than likely feel the same way i do about blogging.

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  1. Easily an hour every evening spent on my personal blog – usually not writing, but messing around with the code structure, and widgets – although my new theme isn’t Widget friendly 😥

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