how i see the Facebook -v- Google+ war

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The other day somebody asked me about Facebook -v- Google+ and what i thought about it. After the excitement and buzz around the Google+ launch i think Google have failed to dent Facebook the way they would have hoped. It’s not because they haven’t tried, it’s because Facebook have matched them stride for stride, as if to say “Is that all you got?”…

This video sums up beautifully the war between Facebook & Google imo… (Facebook being the French dude, Google the British dude)

Google have huffed and puffed and threatened Facebook, but Facebook have always been in control and reacted to whatever Google have done. I’d imagine Google are frustrated with Facebook’s tactics of simply copying their innovative features, but so far Facebook seem to have brushed aside Google+. Perhaps if Google+ narrow their target market i.e. to professionals / businesses, people might start to see a need for them but right now, in my eyes Google+ is another Facebook just with a smaller, more intimate audience.

The question people will always ask is “Why Google+?” and Facebook have taken those answers and torn them apart constantly.

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