How do you wake up?

This week, i had to get up at 8.30 am 3 mornings in a row for a bit of taxi driving 😆

Anyway, getting up is one of the most difficult things i think you can do. No matter what alarm you have set, you never *want* to get up and that’s where the problem lies. It’s all mental. I can guarantee you, when i get up at about 2am on July 10th to go to London, i’ll nbe up like a rocket once the alarm goes off – that’s because i’ve somehing to look forward to, some excitement.

You need that. Going to school for me was torture.. same with work. Quite often i’d have to set my alarm 7 days of the week and i really don’t know how i did it :mrgreen: Well, actually i do – i used to set 3 alarms to go off around the same time, all in different corners of the room. So that would force me to get and walk around 😉

Late nights, late mornings ; that’s what i say 😀 How do you start your day ❓

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