hours wasted with a day job..

As you’ll know, im not a fan of ‘work’ in the typical 9-5 monday-friday sense of the word. 😆

So i thought i’d compile my own 9-5 day – in my regular job at the minute, what it involves and how much time is wasted.. here’s a typical 24 hour day for me, when working. 😕

0000 – on internet, go to bed as i’m thinking of work in the morning. (time wasted thinking about work – 5 mins)

0100 – go to sleep as i know i need to get up early for work. (time wasted thinking about work – 5 mins)

0800 – get up, even though i don’t start work until 0900. (time wasted preparing for work – 1 hour)

0900 – in work, getting paid. (time wasted – nothing).

1300 – 1 hour unpaid lunch (time wasted – 1hour, as im just eating and waiting for time to tick by)

1400 – back to work from lunch (time wasted – none)

1700 – clock out. begin drive home and walk to car (time wasted – 30mins)

1730 – get home, need to change out of uniform and relax after work (time wasted recovering from work – 1hour)

18300000 – waste about 10 mins thinking about work.

Total time Paid for work = 7 hours 🙂

Total time Non-paid work, but thinking/preparing/relaxing after work = 3 hours 40 mins 👿

So i get paid for just 70% of? my work related time. This is on a good day also. On a bad day, there could be inspectors/new roles/new managers etc.. and i could be thinking about that for a lot longer.

Plus, all of that doesn’t take into account the stress in driving, getting parked etc..

This is a huge reason why i’ll be leaving my job in May. The amount of time i spend on work, without getting paid for it. At home, when online – it’s a different story. 100% of the time i spend working will get me paid. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but i will get paid for it due to pagerank increasing, better search engine results etc… all of that doesn’t happen overnight.

I’d imagine most people are in the same position as me. They get paid for 70% or less of their work-related time. Hell, i’ve been in my job almost 4 years, it’s just above minimum wage and i know everyone there and get on with the managers. Imagine how much time a new/inexperienced guy would spend on worrying 😯

In my first week, i’d probably get paid for less than 50% of my time invested in work-related things.

5 thoughts on “hours wasted with a day job..”

  1. Here’s a thought, how about you try and stop thinking about work when your not actually in work.
    Okay so it’s quite normal to think about going into work, when your heading in, in the morn.
    I do not work a 9 to 5 job, i work various pain the hole hours, and yes i do think about work and talk about work in my social life, which drives me absolutely demented. However, been aware of when your doing it helps and then you can stop yourself and carry on with your own free time.
    So really, work should be left at work if at all possible.

  2. i’d love to do that, but it’s virtually impossible.

    for example, how can you get up in the mornings without thinking about work. Or drive into work without thinking about work. I can’t 🙁

    i mean, i’d love to just think about work when i clock in, and end thinking about work when i clock out, but that’s just not possible.

    i honestly feel, nowadays especially, you build your life around work, and not your work around life. Work is no1, life is no2, which is sad. But that’s the way it is.

    As a result, i don’t and can’t enjoy work and refuse to settle into a 9-5 job, which is why i’m leaving in may :mrgreen:

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