Hosts – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

This week has been a bit of a mess for me and thankfully i didn’t put JPEGr up for sale on any forums or marketplaces – it would have been a real disaster had i done that.

JPEGr was hosted on Lunarpages for a few months and ran with no problems, up until i decided to put it up for sale.. 🙄 All of a sudden bandwidth shot up over a few days and Lunarpages sent me several emails and warningss and said i’ve have 7 days to sort it or else they’d kick me out.

Within hours i’d enabled hotlink protection and hired a coder to clean up the code as much as possible. I also went through the uploads and deleted the hotlinked images that were taking advantage of my free bandwidth. Mostly porn which i don’t allow anyway. But when you’ve got hundred of uploads/day, it’s impossible to monitor everything and all you can do is spot check.

So it thought i’d done a decent job as i’d reduced bandwidth by about 70% overnight back down do normal levels. To my horror, i received a ‘suspended’ notice after 2 days, despite me doing my best to fix the problem and despite a 7 day warning.

So for the past few days i’ve been begging working with Lunarpages and trying to come to an agreement. In the end, they unsuspened my account but as a deal breaker i told them i’d move JPEGr to another server – back to dreamhost.

Most of my sites are on dreamhost, but with hotlink protection now on JPEGr it shouldn’t cause any problems.

So what next? Well i’m still going to try and sell JPEGr, but i want to leave it a week or so just to make sure bandwidth is normal and everything is running ok.

Despite these problems, i’d still highly recommened dreamhost or lunarpages for sheer value for money. You won’t beat them. Lunarpages are probably better based on value for money and support, but then again dreamhost are excellent if you’re just starting out. Their ‘one click install’ and upgrade software is really handy and ensures you don’t mess up databases or code.

A word press blog can be set up or upgraded with literally a few ‘next’ clicks. Idiot proof 😆

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