honey, i’m home

It’s been a long weekend..

I was away in Cardiff, Wales at a soccer match. I’ve been gone from 5am Friday morning to 8pm this evening (Sunday) hence the lack of activity around this blog.

I’ve got hundreds of pictures and i’ll go through them all at a later date. At the minute i’m shattered, going through the dozens of emails i got and trying to get myself ready for college tomorrow.

I’m also hoping to start my time management schedule tomorrow, so i’ve a busy few days ahead of me trying to settle back down into a nice pattern. The match ended 2-2, with Wales scoring in the last few minutes so it tasted like a defeat for us. It was a nothing match anyway, but it’s always a sickener to concede in the last few minutes.

More to come on my trip to Cardiff, and also more on my new theme 😎

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