home sweet home

I was on a mini vacation there for a day or two, as you can tell from the lack of updates.

Anyway, it gave me a great opportunity to test out my sat nav and i have to say, i can no longer get ‘lost’, thanks to this little beauty. I took little laneways and u-turns here there and everywhere and not once did it crash or guide me wrongly.

It also has a big speedo in kilometres so when i know the roads, i tend to leave it on that as i can see my REAL speed. It’s common knowledge the regular speedo on cars overestimates your actual speed so if it’s telling me i’m doing 100km/hr, i’m probably really doing 92km/hr or something and that’s pretty much the reading i get from the Sat Nav – 92km/hr. The Sat Nav is way more accurate (assuming of course you’re not going up or down a mountain or soemthing where the ground isnt very level) and it’s much closer to what the guards will have in terms of measuring speed.

Here’s a pic of me and my Sat Nav at Dublin airport watching the planes take off and land. Notice i’ve replaced the little default blue arrow with an army tank 😈

I also stayed a night at the luxurious Clarion hotel in Dundalk. Now when you Irish folk hear the word ‘Dundalk’ mentioned you don’t think posh, luxury, class, elegance, but that’s exactly what this hotel is. Really top notch, only opened a few months and the staff were without doubt the friendliest and most helpful staff i’ve EVER seen in ANY hotel. That’s probably because they’re only in the job a few months and don’t want to put a foot wrong 😉 but top marks for the Clarion Hotel, if they had a leisure centre, i’d rate it 5 stars myself and it’s the only thing they lack.

The dining room is on the 13th floor (yes, thats 13 floors! – unheard of in Ireland). We had dinner and breakfast there and again couldn’t fault it. So a nice getaway for me and i have my trip to Sweden coming up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully i’ll be able to knuckle back down to work from now on, with only a few days ‘off’ for that Sweden trip. I love going away on breaks, but being brutally honest, i love getting back to blogging and working on projects/sites 😆


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