Holidays for 2011


On Friday i’ll be heading away to Barcelona for a few days but that probably won’t be my last holiday of 2011. Here’s a list of a few things that i have marked on my calendar…


14th – 17th of January. Heading to a la liga clash in the nou camp between Barcelona -v- Malaga. Looking forward to it and i fully intend to fill every SD card i take with me with videos & pictures of everything.


Staying in this village in Bosnia-Herzegovina from May 22nd – May 29th. This is straight after i finish my final college exams so it acts as a nice reward. Why am i going here? I’m not sure really but it will be different, very different. It’s a holy place, very popular with religious folk due to reports of the Virgin Mary appearing to some kids from the 80’s.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vincenzo_1949

Everything i’ve been taught in education tells me religious beliefs are just that but this is a highly toxic subject which i avoid as much as possible. Perhaps i’ll vlog on that some day and open up a can of worms. Anyway, this trip should offer me good weather, loads of scenery and peace & quiet for a week. I’ll probably be shut off from the internet for a week which will be the first time i’ve been away from it for that long in about 7 years, but i’m kind of looking forward to that too.

London? Paris?

Possibly. In 2010, i was over in London on 3 separate occasions and my girlfriend & i (that sounds very formal, but it’s gentlemanly to put her before me!) have been over for the last 3 or 4 summers in a row. I’d imagine we’ll head back in July or if not, Paris is on the hitlist. Possibly a combination of the two but that’s ages away yet. I hate booking things 6 months+ in advance, it just seems like a huge waste of money.

You can never predict what state you’ll be in so far down the line or where you’ll be. It’s also no fun booking things so far in advance because hotels and airlines haven’t hit the panic button yet in terms of selling seats / rooms. With the likes of, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great deal if you just have patience.


In November 2011, i’ll be heading to Katy Perry and Rihanna in the o2 (Dublin). Luckily, i avoided JLS who played there last night and Westlife who’ll be playing there in April. After failing to get tickets for ‘The Script’ in the o2 for March (hey, it wasn’t my fault i was in a lecture and couldn’t book tickets!), ‘The Script’ kindly set a new date in the Aviva Stadium which is about 10 times the capacity of the O2. No danger of tickets being sold out there so i also have a date with ‘The Script’ on July 2nd.

Recession? What recession? That’s the cry from this post. But that’s just how the chips have fallen for me this year… i’m the type of person that if left to my own devices would rarely take holidays but having said that, i welcome them when they come around and realise they have value. So yeah, that’s my calendar for 2011 so far.

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