hitting dublin tomorrow

Tomorrow i’ll be heading up to Dublin and spending the night there too. At this stage, i’ve stayed in quite a few Dublin hotels… 7 in the last few years;

Monument of Light aka Spire of Dublin
Creative Commons License photo credit: DarkestIvy

This time i’ll be staying in Jury’s hotel, Croke park. They have free wi-fi, so i’ll also be taking my netbook with me 🙂 I’ll be taking plenty of pictures and reviewing the hotel as usual… at this stage, i could probably start my own tripadvisor 😈

After this, my next trip will be London in July. After that, hopefully, nothing until the following summer. As much as i like going away for a day or two it breaks up rhythm and patterns. That’s not good when you’re trying to get through lots of work.

But i’ll enjoy this break away and i’ll use the time to re-charge myself for the next month or so. I’m eager to get back to college, get my summer exams out of the way and then focus on structuring my own time for the summer months. BeerChief, a million sites and new projects…. I’ll be giving myself extremely strict plans and to-do lists.

Structure, organization, discipline, routine… it HAS to be like that to get things done the way i want them done. It’s the only way i work to my potential.

In the words of this guy

I can now schedule my days and build a routine that feeds my soul with a sense of accomplishment, as well as giving me a foundation from which to jump.

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