here we go again!

think outside the box

Another day, another idea. This idea isn’t new though, it first came to me 2 years ago. It’s only now that i’m beginning to realize it has massive potential. A quick search on this blog shows i’ve actually blogged about it before but it went unnoticed (at least there were no comments in relation to it). Usually with these mad ideas, i’ll believe they’ll get traffic but i won’t always believe they’ll make money. Some get traffic, more don’t. Few make any money….

That doesn’t bother me though… i expect sites to fail in that department, in fact sometimes i’ll build them purely for experiments or to help me learn – they’re never designed to get traffic or make any money. is a good example… i built that because i couldn’t think of anything to blog about so i said to myself “i’ll blog about building a blog from scratch” and i milked that for all it was worth. I got about a dozen blog posts on from building Killing numerous birds with the one stone. Now, i’m still experimenting on that site and using it almost as a playground for myself 🙂 is another good example. It wasn’t a case of having ‘nothing better to do’… it never is. With that site i learned a lot about wordpress and just what can be done with it when you think outside the box. Plus it gave me something to blog about here, plus it could be added to a portfolio, plus it acted as a test site /playground for some features which were originally designed for & which will still be used there. So building a site for me more often than not, is just an experiment. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, no harm done, i’ll still have learned something along the way.

With this idea though there’s nothing experimental about it… it’s very real. It will be built to succeed. To do it justice, i want to build it all from scratch and see it brought to life the way i envision it right now, id don’t want mould the idea to suit existing software… if i were to do that (which is the easy way out), inevitably the idea would get scaled down and eventually lose it’s appeal.

So to build it from scratch, i’ll need a team of people around me which means slicing & sharing up my pie but this is one of those ideas i’m just happy to be involved in and want to see finished. If it’s successful, it’s very successful, i don’t believe it can fizzle out… it either works & grows fast or it falls flat on it’s face. This is definitely the type of site that once created will have you saying “why didn’t i think of that?”…. and personally i hate those type of sites because they’re usually so simple i feel like an idiot for not coming up with the idea first and seeing the niche myself. So that’s the way i want to leave you feeling 😈

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