Henry going to Barcelona..

Massive breaking news on a football front.. (on sky sports news at the minute)

Arsenal’s main man is packing his bags. Huge blow for the gunners and i can safely say they’re not going to find a replacement.

Looks like the title race is Utd -v- Chelsea once again. I said once Vieira left, Arsenal would go into free fall. And by their standards they did. They haven’t replaced Vieira and now with Henry going, the spine of that ‘invincible’ side of a few years ago has been shattered.

There’s also rumours going around that Wenger (the manager) could be on his way to Madrid, and i’m sure with Henry leaving, he’ll be considering it.


2 thoughts on “Henry going to Barcelona..”

  1. Yawn, Premier League rubbish.

    I take it you support Bohemians?

    Oh and hopefully you’ll be seeing a bit of Wes Hoolahan on the left wing (he’s better than Kilbane) for Eire next year.


    Blackpool supporter

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