hectic schedule right now

Right now, i’m probably the busiest i’ve ever been in terms of online work. Flooded. Swamped. Burned alive :mrgreen:

i'm busy

The fact i can now effortlessly come up with graphics like the one above is an indication of what ‘busy’ is doing to me though. It’s making me a better designer for starters! On the one hand, it’s work morning to night – quite literally. Ok, i go swimming for an hour or two every day but that’s about it. Rest of the day is spent working.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a permanent lifestyle – it’s impossible for me to maintain this work rate whilst in college, which is where i am (mentally as well as physically) for about 8 months of the year. But i have a gap now over the summer and much like being stuck behind some slow driver (for 8 months), i’m feeling like i have to make up for lost time. So i now have a big open road ahead of me and i’m determined to leave this slow fool choking on my fumes as i rocket past him 😈

The results are right here in front of you though… college can’t teach you to work hard and it can’t teach you to love something. That’s the reason why i’ll leave college in a much better position than the vast majority of people around me. I love what i do. I love IT. I’m not afraid of hard work, and i’ll work 24/7 to get things done.

Anyway, even though i’m busy, i’ll add another reminder that my free logos / cheap sites offer is still on the table. Use and abuse me whilst it’s still on :mrgreen: Although turnaround time is slowing down, i’m getting through things one by one and you can expect more additions to my portfolio over the next couple of weeks 🙂

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