health, wealth & happiness

They say these 3 things make a good life; health, wealth & happiness in that order.

I tend to agree. Call me shallow and cold hearted but money makes me happy. If i dont have money i can’t be happy. I need a house, a car and food and money buys that. If i don’t have money, i don’t have basic needs therefore how can i be happy?

So money is important, but not as important as health. Without health you can’t reach your potential and earn money. Tonight i was swimming, swimming hard. I usually have dinner before i go out but i didn’t tonight and said i’d have it when i got back.

So anyway i pushed myself harder than usual, for no particular reason but i like racing people out of the corner of my eye 😈 There was this super fit girl in the swimming lane, flipping over doing them rolly things after every length, non-stop. I used to swim competitively as a kid but never did master those 😆

Anyway, i got out, felt grand. Got in to the showers and they were mad hot. I had to get out as i was simply ‘over-heating’. I got light headed, had to sit down, compose myself, catch my breath. I started to go a bit deaf and really had to fight against my body to breath and keep myself focused. Scary stuff.

Now ok, i wasn’t going to die or anything 🙄 But shit like that changes your outlook on things. Without my health, i am nothing and can achieve nothing and we all take it for granted. I’m too young to be talking like this, not the sort of stuff you guys expect to hear from a 20 year old :mrgreen:

Moral of the story is not to swim like a mad yolk on an empty stomach then try to have a hot shower…

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