Heading to Dundalk

I’ve decided to head up to Dundalk today..

I’ll hopefully get in around the college and check it out, plus i’ll keep an eye on what sort of parking there is nearby as i know they’re introduing pay parking for students 🙄

It will give me a chance to time the journey, plus clock the mileage so i can get an accurate figure on what sort price i can expect to pay per week in petrol.

I’ve predicted €50 week, but hopefully it will be a bit less.

On the subject of cars, i ordered a pair of wiper blades off ebay yesterday – probably the most ridiculous things i’ve ordered so far off ebay 😆 My wipers have got to the stage where they move the water across the window back and forth, not clearing it, plus they start squealing and leaving streaks when it’s dry.

€15 for 2 front wipers, i don’t know if thats good or bad, but it saves me going in to a car shop, asking and queing for stuff, fuel wasted driving down to the car shop, time wasted getting parked etc..

If i find a car shop in Dundalk, i might pop in whilst the other half is trying on every pair of feckin jeans every shops has… and buy a bit of cleaning and waxing stuff as i’ve never really seen what my car looks like clean :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “Heading to Dundalk”

  1. That’s a good price …. hope you bought the full set. Buying the rubbers on their own is cheaper but more expensive in the long run as squeaks etc. reappear before long. The recommendation is that wipers be replaced annually. This is probably a bit much …. I replace approx every 18 months.

    My last full set of wipers cost me €60 ….. of course they were from a main dealer and every ‘real’ part from a main dealer costs money!

    At least I ain’t got squeaks … that would drive me mad!

    Re. teh parking …. throw a few cones into the boot and set up some long-term ‘roadworks’! :mrgreen:

  2. yeah it’s the full set of wipers with rubber and all..

    i’ll be soaking them in vinegar before i put them on.. apparently that helps lift grime – and there’s plenty of grime on my windscreen :mrgreen:

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