Have an n95 on the way..

One of my jobs this week was to re-order an n95.

So that’s exactly what i’ve done. Not through an online retailer though, through a guy who knows a guy 😉

So i should get one for €625 plus €15 delivery as i won’t be able to go to Dublin to meet up and collect it in person. (Well i could, but i couldn’t be bothered.. it would mean going up on the bus/wasting a day shopping or something and thus cancelling out any savings i made :roll:)

Sim free, unlocked of course. I’m told he’ll have them Tuesday (7days from now) at the latest so fingers crossed i’ll be reviewing an n95 next week. If i do get one for that price, an it arrives intact, i’ll be well chuffed. A saving of about €60. 😛

I can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to this phone!

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