Hate wasting time

I know there’s a lot of people like me, but i really hate having free time and not being able to use it the way i want to. Here’s some classic examples;

  • Driving long distances
  • Free classes

Whilst i’d consider myself ‘doing nothing’ at those times, i can’t convert that free time in to productive time. I need blocks of time to get anything done.

I need 3/4 hours of free time to do anything constructive. If i have a spare hour or two but i have to go out after it, generally, i won’t do much even though i could get an awful lot done in that time.

I suppose it’s a mental thing but i need big chunks of free time in order to call it ‘free time’. The odd hour here and there is no good to me, especially when i’m not at home.

The solution? Mobile broadband, a netbook and a powerhouse portable laptop along with internet access on my mobile. That would make a huge difference to me, but i just can’t afford all that as you’re probably talking over €2k and i’d rather invest €2k in something rather than blow it all on saving my time, even though saving my time is the invaluable 😎

You’d think i’d be happy with free classes during the day but no, i hate breaks – even lunch breaks. If i had my way i’d work every day from 9 – 2 non stop in college. That would mean i’d be home at 3 and could spend the rest of the time working online :mrgreen:

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