Harry Potter Spoiler..

In the final Harry Potter, Harry is killed as he falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his kneck 😎

I wish 🙄 When will this whole Harry Potter thing end? This is like the 25th Harry Potter book/film and people are still buying in to all this hype?

I’ve never read a Harry Potter book in my life, nor have i watched a Harry Potter film.

I’m a proud ABH – anyone but harry 😛

Got a good laugh out of this though..

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Spoiler..”

  1. Ah man read the books!
    The books have not been affected by the media hype. I’m quite a literate young man and they’re still the best series I’ve ever read. I’ll pay you $5 paypal to read them all and then blog about how wrong you were to slag them. 😉

    Yes I am quite the fanboy. 😳

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