Handy Colour Picker Tool..

Here’s something i stumbled across today..

A colour picker tool which allows you to click literally anywhere you want and it’ll give you the code of that colour in various formats. What good is this to me? Well it’s not something i’ll use on a daily basis, but it does have one GREAT use…

Adsense and Ad blending. I always have trouble getting the colours just right.. for example on JPEGr.. the background isn’t all black, it’s a very dark gray colour which always causes me hassle.. but as you can see from the screenshot below, this little tool will add the colour to a library and display the code, which allows me to input it into adsense ads 😛


So as you can see, it’s very handy for that sort of stuff – blending ads and getting the colours just right. At the minute, you can download a free trial here.

3 thoughts on “Handy Colour Picker Tool..”

  1. yeah, it’s a pain in the neck trying to get the border, background etc.. just right.. drives me nuts :mrgreen:

  2. I know your method is better but what i’d do is take a screenshot of the site. open it in ‘paint’ and used the colour picker tool. you can get the exact colour this way too…but maybe not in the way you want it.

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