half of my traffic from stumbleupon…

This week, surprising results from JPEGr‘s traffic stats…

51% of the 1500 unique hits (3500 hits) i got this week were from stumbleupon. It’s good and bad for a number of reasons…

The Bad?

  • Traffic isn’t organic
  • Stumblers are in general tech geeks and therefore ad blind so i get no revenue from adsense
  • People have a habit of just looking at a homepage and moving on to the next stumble
  • It can result in massive peaks in traffic which could potentially red flag the site in google

The Good

  • Traffic is 100% free, there’s always the chance of a few adsense clicks 😉
  • The inflated traffic boosts alexa ranking
  • The site is obviously very highly thought of, if it’s becoming big on stumbleupon
  • This gives more publicity to the site so people could mention it on their blog, a forum, or even better start using it themselves

Overall, it’s probably a good thing that i’m getting traffic from stumbleupon. As they say, all publicity is good publicity…. provided traffic doesn’t become ridiculous and get out of control of course.

As you’ve probably worked outfrom the above stats, JPEGr got on average over 200 unique hits a day this week…. that means i’m getting over 100 a day from stumbleupon. Hopefully, some of them will stay with me 🙂

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