growing by the day

For the past 3 and half years i’ve owned and slowly grown it. There was a point where i was happy to sell it and get rid of it, but once i decided to hang on to it, that was a turning point. I decided i’d put more effort in to it.

the leaving cert logo
Creative Commons License photo credit: smemon87

Up until recently i had done a lot of work on it but i was never fully committed. I mean i’d make changes, introduce new life in to it but i’d never have the steel & stamina to work on it consistently over a long period of time (any more than a few weeks).

This time around, things are different and i now have a spark for the site which i’ve never had previously… not sure why, but i won’t stop to ask questions… from the very moment i bought the domain name ‘’ i knew it had potential and back in 2006 when it first went live, there were few decent leaving cert websites around. A lot more have sprung up over the past 3 or 4 years but the vast majority are rubbish – a standard i believe i can improve on 🙂

Starting now, i hope to replicate the ‘one post a day’ rule i have here on Baby steps. The traffic is there for the taking – i have the data now to prove it, so it’s a just a case of following through and preparing for May / June, when traffic will skyrocket 🙂

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