grinding out results

I haven’t talked about college much this semester, but believe it or not, i’m over half way through it!

I started back to college in mid January and we’re now approaching mid March. My summer exams start on May 11th which is just 8 weeks away!

I’ve yet to get 2 weeks holidays for easter + i’ve another week off before the exams to ‘study’. So in reality, i’ve 5 weeks of classes left. These days, work is coming thick and fast. I’ve had several exams recently, several assignments due etc..

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Whilst a lot of people are slipping up, i’ve managed to pass everything thrown at me so far. The majority of marks in all my modules rest on summer exams, but roughly 40% hinge on CA (continous assessment) results and tests. Those CA marks are the pillars you rely on come exam time.

Good CA marks ease the pressure of exams and in some cases give you the safety net of being able to fail summer exams, but still pass modules :mrgreen: My college work isn’t difficult, i just see it as an obstacle course really.

A lot of the stuff we’re doing is old, basic and theory based. How some modules relate to IT is questionnable… ‘computer ethics’ for example – that’s pushing it a bit, not exactly no.1 on the list of things to look for in an IT professional – ethics and morales etc… it’s what i’d call a common sense subject.

Is infringing copyright software bad? Why? Who’s at fault? – that’s the sort of idiotproof stuff the subject is comprised of. Almost an insult to intelligence but come exam time, we’ll be hit hard if we can’t reproduce the terms and examples we’ve covered in the subject. But no matter what i think of modules, or the college, i’ll continue to grind out results and move forward at all costs. A degree is what i came for, and a degree is what i shall get 😎

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