Graphics Tablet Arrived

The graphics tablet i ordered at 2am on Wednesday arrived today :mrgreen: I didn’t think it would, because it was sent out yesterday (Thursday), so it means it arrived in les than 24 hours which is a great service from & their couriers.

Here’s a few pics;




I’ve only played with it for about an hour but i’m already getting used to it. Here’s an example of what it can do….

mouse -v- tablet

Signature 1 was done with my mouse.

Signature 2, with the bamboo tablet & pen.

Same size brush, same settings – nothing was changed. You can see the depth / pressure / realism in no.2 – it’s just like a pen signature whereas you’d know the top signature was either done by a 3 year old with a marker or else done using a mouse :mrgreen:

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  1. yeah definitely worth the money – i’m getting used to it already – the mouse feels wierd now 🙂

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