Graduation Day

graduation day

Yesterday i was officially ‘conferred’ at a formal ceremony in DkIT and i spent the night at our graduation ball in the crowne plaza hotel

The Ceremony

The ceremony was interesting… it’s not too often you experience it. It reminded me of a cross between mass and old english royal traditions… completely over the top ‘costumes’, standing for academic staff when they walk in / out, loads of suits, dresses, hats masking what we all know are ordinary people underneath. There was definitely a different vibe around place thanks mainly to the formal attire. No tracksuit bottoms or hoodies yesterday 😉

So in that sense, it’s all a bit too false for my liking, i’d have been just as happy to pick up my parchment in an office. Still, it was nice to see everyone get their 2 seconds up on stage in front of everyone…

degree parchment

Speeches were kept short and sweet and there were several graduation ceremonies on at different times / days so i feel sorry for the staff who have to sit through the same stuff over and over, i’m sure the novelty of the event quickly wears off 😉

The Photos

Having a formal event like this is of course a great way to bring everyone together. It’s like a wedding and we’re all bride and grooms for the day. So there were plenty of photos taken yesterday, the most respectable ones probably taken earlier on in the day…

grad gang

Most of them were taken inside which of course highlights the weaknesses of compact digital cameras – low light situations. Most of them were blurry or pixelated which has made me wonder should i invest in a decent SLR camera instead for these indoor situations.

The Ball

The ball was probably the best part of the day for us all… it’s rare everyone comes together like that and stays overnight but this is one of those days were you almost feel a responsibility to be there because it’s a once in a lifetime type event for many.

So it was a worthwhile day out even though i don’t think it’s healthy to be having it in the midtrdle of a semester whilst you’re still in college. Anyway, if all goes according to plan, i’ll be there again next year, same time, same place.

The Cake

My parents ordered a customized cake as you can see from the photo below;

epic spelling fail

But for those of you who can read and are over 5 years of age, you’ll notice a spelling mistake. ‘Degree’ is spelt ‘Degaree’. I’d understand if my name was ‘Degree’ and they got confused / couldn’t read notes properly but the fact there’s a big picture of a guy in a graduation outfit also on the cake just highlights the fact they simply can’t spell or can’t consult a dictionary if in doubt. An epic fail which has already been retweeted several times on twitter and i’ve just submitted it to cakewrecks too, which up until today i never knew existed! 175 views in a few hours and that’s before this blog post!

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  1. dammit, there’s always something that needs editing! i even spell checked this post because i didn’t want anyone finding spelling mistakes after me highlighting the one with the cake 😉

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