Graduation Day Tomorrow


Tomorrow, i’ll be in college but it’s not any normal day, it’s graduation day. That means suits, ties, robes, ceremony, parchments etc… i’ll be picking up my ‘Bachelor Of Science in Computing in Applications & Support’ degree…

The Plan

The ceremony kicks off at 1pm for my group, but i have to be there before 12.15pm to collect my robes. So i’ll probably aim to be there for 11.45am. From then on it’s really just a case of waiting around followed by photos and i should be ‘free’ from about 2.30pm on.

I’ll more than likely have dinner with family / girlfriend somewhere and then check in to the crowne plaza hotel (on the campus itself) which is also hosting our ‘graduation ball’ but from what i gather that doesn’t start until about 10pm.

What’s a suit?

It’s been so long since i’ve worn a suit i can’t even remember when it was.. i wore a suit to my debs back in 2006 and i think that’s the last event where i’ve worn a jacket, trousers, shirt & tie. 4 years ago.

I’m not a suit kind of man. I don’t think anyone in IT is, it’s almost frowned upon to work in anything other than casual clothes. That’s the way it should be too, suits are intimidating and create classes or tiers. Which isn’t always bad… you want a suit selling you a car for example, we associate it with professionalism or trust…

In fact that would be an interesting experiment…. walk in to various different places dressed in a suit, then in casual clothes. For example a car dealer… see what price the suit guy -v- causal clothes guy could get a particular car for… if only i could somehow relate that to IT 🙂 perhaps dress style in a workplace and what impacts it has on performance / relationships… maybe that’s a project for someone!

Time Off

It will be long day tomorrow, long night and i’ll need Sunday just to recover properly. Thankfully, i’ve got Monday off (God bless All Saints’ day!) so that will give me a chance to get a bit of college work done. I have about 5 or 6 assessments, exams and presentations hanging over my head so i need ‘time off’ to get things done.

Quite often, simply being in college can be a huge waste of time… a classic example was this Thursday. We have two 1 hour classes. One from 9am-10am, another from 11am-12pm, with the same lecturer.

So i got up as normal at 7am (which never gets any easier, no matter how often you do it), drove for 50 minutes as normal to get to college and got in about 8.45am. At 9.15am, standing outside the classroom door in empty corridors, we were told our lecturer wasn’t in. So that was a complete waste of my time & petrol and everyone else’s too.

This is the kind of crap that goes on that should and could be stamped out easily. The college have all of our mobile numbers, the college & lecturers have access to all of our email addresses. It’s simply not good enough telling us at 9.15am, we have no classes for the day. The damage has already been done.

It is quite simply poor communication at all levels and there’s no excuse for it. I’m not the only one to speak about this in public too. All of this technology, all of these experts, years and years of experience, endless chains of command and yet when it comes to getting information from a to b, it’s still a problem. It can’t be done fast enough…

What i’ve learned from this degree

And that’s one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned from college about IT… technology is always advancing, people aren’t.

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