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Today i was up in Dublin, again, for a careers fair. I think that’s the 5th time in 10 days i’ve been up in and around the capital for various reasons. Anyway, today, my mission was to get information on potential courses & options, career wise…

Having spoken to a few companies & agencies and visited the ‘job wall’, there are plenty of development jobs on offer, not so many management type roles, but there are a few project management roles around.

The most lucrative option for me anyway was from who are recruiting 1000 graduates this year. They provide training & work experience with the possibility of doing a masters etc… and being guaranteed a job. The only problem with that is it would involve emigrating to the UK which i’ve said before would almost be a last resort for me. Thankfully, it’s looking like i won’t need to emigrate or indeed go looking for a job as the ‘starting a business’ wheels are now moving for me.

Grad Ireland

Anyway, there were no shortage of students & graduates at today’s event. I went to a ‘Don’t know what to do next?’ talk / presentation and the room was full (although it was a fairly small room), but still… it just brought it home for me how many others there are like me all competing for jobs and wondering what happens next.

I went in to today fairly relaxed and not really too concerned about jobs because it’s looking more and more like i’ll make my own but i came out of the RDS richer… 13 rice krispie squares richer :mrgreen:

Grad Ireland


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