I’m back from my weekend in Gothenburg.

Weather was pretty poor in that it rained most of the time, but hey, i’m used to that 🙄

Gothenburg itself was a lovely little city i thought, with friendly locals. It IS true that Swedish people are the most beautiful in the world 😉 I caught my eyes wandering more than usual :mrgreen:

There wasn’t a whole pile to do though, i guess the weather and time of year didn’t help. We did go and see ‘Disney on Ice’ to give us something to do… that was pretty cool, even if it was in Swedish.

Apart from that, we just went around the shops and we happened to be staying beside the biggest indoor shopping centre in Sweden, and it was pretty big 🙄


We stayed in the Radisson Hotel which was beautiful, top notch. Ended up spending a lot of time there as the food was great.

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  1. ojoj gamla Göteborg e en riktig höjdare o håller än! Riktigt snälla och trevliga människor också! Göteborg i mitt hjärta asså!

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