got a fatboy in the post today..

A few days ago (jesus it was only 2 days ago!) i blogged about ordering a fatboy for my girlfirend.

Anyway, superswift delivery from the guys at fatboy 😉 and it arrived today buy courier.

It came in a big box with ‘fatboy’ and ‘the original fatboy’ plastered all over it in huge writing :mrgreen:


The delivery man was no size zero 😉 and he said you should have heard the stick he got at the depot that morning 😆

Anyway, onto the pics and review… my girlfriend insisted on getting a sand colour fatboy, much to my disappointment. I wanted a black, orange, lime green or blur one. ‘Sand’ is just so boring and dull. It just blends into the background. (They actually have a camouflage colour available too). So anyway, i ripped it out of it’s box and started making different shapes out of it. It is rather comfy and once you sit/lie down, it’s hard to get back up.



It would be perfect as an extra bed or a chill out area if you’re too cool to have a common sofa or chair. It’s a good 4/5 inches thick with beans and surrounded by high quality PVC type material, which is apparently easy to keep clean from fingerprints, chocolate stains.. all that crap.

Of course, as with all of these things, just like the 32″ lcd i ordered, i couldn’t get it back in the box once i took it out 👿 Someone probably spent 3 hours trying to squeez it all into the cardboard box it came in. My attempts to just stuff it all in in one or two minutes, didn’t work. So i now have to tell the girlfriend the box wouldn’t fit in the car, so i took it as i could fit it across the backseat. 😛

At €215 (inc delivery), it’s fairly pricey. Is it worth it? Probably not, but it IS cool and very well made. It’s an eyecatcher and doubles as a spare bed/sofa/chair so it’s definitely handy to have one about the house. 🙂 If you can afford one, get one.

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