Google streetview to change the world

Much like google earth and maps have improved our lives, Google Streetview, once it expands to the extent google earth has, will change the way we plan and track down hotels, stadiums, houses and streets. If you love google earth and enjoy wasting your time roaming the earth in search of interesting / random stuff, you’re gonna love google streetview even more.

It’s high resolution, 360 degree street views. It’s as if you’re walking down a street – quite literally. You can move forwards / backwards through a street and go down side streets. There’s been a lot of controversy over streetview and we’ll hear more and more about it in the future, i can assure you.

But for now, let’s enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is – a revolutionary tool which is going to change the way we plan our trips. Look what i found – somebody getting a parking ticket :mrgreen:



You can see that entire street here and you can check out google’s official street view page here.

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