Google Phone – it must be true..

I don’t know when all this talk of the google phone started.. i guess it was when apple started claiming their iphone would revolutionize mobile telephones and all that lark..

Everyone knows if google come out with a mobile phone, it will crush anything currently out there.

It will be simple, useful and cheap/free.. which is what makes all google products a pleasure to use..

Anyway, gizmodo has reported that the rumours are in fact true and the Gphone could launch as soon as early 2008 😀

As of yet, nobody has managed to take the internet onto mobile phones.. the nokia n95 offers wi-fi and fast speeds, but lets face it, unless you get free wi-fi everywhere, you aren’t going to use any mobile operator connection for fear of being charged €€€ for opening up a few websites.

If google can get the internet onto phones, they’re onto a winner.

Possibly offering all google sites/products for free on google mobiles would be a clever move. I’m talking google search, gmail, gmaps, google video etc..

They’d recoup the costs involved through advertising whilst forcing other mobile manufacturers to play catch up.. 😎

2 thoughts on “Google Phone – it must be true..”

  1. your welcome..

    anyway, with regards the actual name of the phone, it could be anything – goophone, gphone, gcell etc..

    once we get official word on it, you can guarantee there’ll hundreds of domain names snapped up..

    i’ll probably buy one or two myself :mrgreen:

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