Google don’t do email?

We’re trying to plan a college trip to some of the big IT guns here in Ireland.

Intel, Microsft, Dell & Google are the most likely options. It will be very interesting to get behind the scenes at any of these places. I’m sure most of you guys would be interested in Google in particular, purely because of the wierd and wacky stories that you hear about Google staff and the Google workplace.

We’ll be heading off within the next couple of months probably (somewhere within Ireland), so it will make for some great blogging material 😉

Anyway, when trying to get contact info for all of these places, it’s not as easy as you may think.

I challenge you to try and get a phone number for Google Ireland. They only have a fax number here. I’ll almost put money on it you won’t find an email address for general support/info.

Unbelieveably, for such a huge multinational company (who are arguably the most successful IT company of all time), they don’t have a simple contact/enquiry form or email address. Now i can get adwords/adsense/gmail info etc.. but that’s no good.

I *did* get a phone number in the end, but it was far from a simple ‘google’ search 😉

Anyway, if anyone has any info or has ben there before / can advise me on which place to go, please have your say below… to say i’ve been in Google headquarters though would be pretty sweet, even if i’m not their biggest fan :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “Google don’t do email?”

  1. I could only find their sales office, would that be of any use?

    Google Ireland Sales Office
    Seagrave Hse 19 RO Earlsfort Terrace Dublin Co. Dublin

  2. I could only find their sales office, would that be of any use?

    No not really, but i guess it’s a start. I have a general number for them anyway but we just wanted an email addy and to inquire via writing as proof we as actually contacted them 😉

    yes indeed, i’ll have a few bones to pick with google – the pagerank massacre, my banning from adsense :mrgreen:

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