Google – digg in disguise?

A while back, Google wanted to buy digg. No big surprise, we all knew why… digg’s community is a shining example of how people will work for nothing online if they get some form of ‘power’ or recognition.

Google had been testing digg like search results pages and now i’ve noticed they’ve been made official (once you login to a google account). I spoke very highly of scour a few months ago as i believe this is the way forward and this WILL be the future of news and search.

Google go digg like

Scour don’t have the clout of Google so that’s why it didn’t take off, but the idea was right and it’s still a very useful site. It’ll be interesting to see how these new ‘digg’ and ‘bury’ functions effect search results, if they do at all…

SEO as we know it, could literally have died today a sudden death however i suspect Google aren’t so stupid as to put major emphasis on the amount of diggs or burys as that system would be wise open to abuse and spam.

But one things for sure – Google has now become much more complicated and if these functions are given some sort of wieght when it comes to SEO, it could well end up being a much fairer system as users would ultimately decided what’s hot and what’s not.

Those spam sites and landing pages ranking highly for competitive keywords may just be getting a little hot under the collar 😉

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