Google Chrome – version 3

Today, Google released version 3 of their Chrome browser.

Over the past few months, i’ve gradually switched over to chrome on my netbook and now use it exclusively for web browsing. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s clutter free – perfect for browsing on the move.

Google Chrome
Creative Commons License photo credit: 阿國

At home on my desktop, Firefox is still king and it will stay that way until Google or anyone else can match Firefox’s huge arsenal of add-ons and plugins. Anyway, Chrome 3 is LIGHTENING quick and that’s bad news for other browsers.

Speed has basically driven me away from using Firefox on my netbook – with Chrome 3’s further improvements in speed, i’ll definitely not be switching back to Firefox anytime soon on my netbook.

Chrome 3 also sees the introduction of more HTML 5 compatibility – not that that’s any good to anyone for another couple of years 😉 (or decades if IE6 is anything to go by). They’ve also added a few nice, handy features and check out their blog post today for more info…

Although processing power and RAM etc… are always getting better, faster and more efficient, speed is something that has to be improved constantly… we shouldn’t have to wait for computers to do their stuff – if we want information, it should be available and on our screens in a nano second (well, that should always be the aim even if it is beyond us right now).

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