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A couple of weeks ago, Google Chrome rolled out a new ‘print preview’ feature. For years, Chrome users (myself included) have demanded a print preview option. For a lot of users (particularly in the workplace) print preview is very important and it’s why a lot of people stuck with Internet Explorer…

Faster & Prettier

Chrome print preview is quick and very simple to use. Ctrl + P will open up the print preview tab. Or you can just right click on a page and click ‘print’ – it does the same thing. By default, Chrome change the colouring to black and white (preferred option for most people).

print preview

1997 called, they want their paper and ink back

Printing should be avoided where possible but sometimes it’s not possible. A good example is air travel. You need to print out a boarding pass. No other way around it. Eventually they’ll cop themselves on and just give you a QR code or something which can be scanned from a mobile device, but for now, ink and paper is the only way.

Hotels will often require print outs as confirmation too so i often find myself printing out emails. Now, that experience will be a better one plus i’ll probably save ever so slightly on ink, paper and time…

Another slam dunk for Google Chrome.

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Print Preview Feature”

  1. So how do you ‘Quick Print’ without using preview now then?  I am all for this feature but there are times when you just want to send it straight to print.

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