good things come in 3’s

Today, was D-day for me.

Not only did i have a presentation to do, i also had an exam in programming.

It would be wrong to say i’m comfortable doing presentations… i’m not. That’s probably down to lack of experience giving them. I’m still not feeling 100% by the way, and i’ll be glad to get away for a few days just to chill out and relax. Anyway, presenting can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Having said that, i wasn’t really worried about it as i know what i’m talking about and have a wealth of knowledge/experience on the subject.

I had over 40 slides in total. Yeah, that’s a lot. But i like to keep things moving and flowing so that i won’t bore people too much. My thinking behind that was even if i bore them talking, at least they’ll have something nice and new to look at all the time, and therefore might ‘talk’ to themselves rather than just staring blankly at the one slide for 5 minutes at a time.

Some people were bored – which i expected. Blogging is boring if you’re not in to it. I can’t make people like blogging or force them into it, all i can do is explain why they should use it and what are the advantages of using it.

Poker or Photoshop is boring if you don’t have an interest in it, as is anything really. But some people liked the flash effects and commented on them, proving my theory that fresh, glossy, eye catching slides will grab attention and force people into looking at them, even if they’re not particularly interested in what you have to say 😈

I said before, the guide time was 20 minutes. I knew 20 minutes was WAY too short to cover all aspects of blogging, i realised that from day one. I ended up taking 35 minutes with the presentation itself, then questions which lasted about 4/5 minutes and then we somehow got de-railed onto security/safety on blogs and social networking sites.

Anyway, all went well and i’m happy. My day was made even better when i aced a programming exam we had. Out with an hour to spare 😎

Finally, it was all capped off with some of the lads telling me we had no maths lecture as the lecturer wasn’t in :mrgreen: So here i am, home at 2pm and blogging. I shouldn’t be home until 4pm.

So a good day all round. In fact a good 24 hours; Staunton sacked, nailed the presentation, aced an exam and got home 2 hours earlier than expected 😆

2 thoughts on “good things come in 3’s”

  1. Good man. Presenting / public speaking is way up on the list of things people don’t like to do. I remember the first time I did one in college, I was totally bricking it – but felt great after.

    Glad you had a great day, and (without getting all tree huggy or anything) – keep the good vibes alive!


  2. yeah all of that’s put a spring in my step… but my google pagerank has dropped so that’s wiped the smile off my face 😎

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