good start to college

I’ve only been back a few days and despite the blip on day one, i’m very happy with how the year is shaping up.

One of the major problems for me last year was wi-fi. College has it, but not all rooms do. When there’s congestion, wi-fi becomes unusable. That cost me big time in terms of productivity. Just last week however i bought myself mobile broadband from o2 and haven’t looked back.

o2 Dongle + 2 SIMs
Creative Commons License photo credit: whatleydude

It’s already paying for itself and it means i can now go in to any room, switch on my netbook and not have to worry about connectivity or congestion. On day one i tried using the college wi-fi but quickly switched to my own as things haven’t changed from last year.

Another boost this year is my timetable – max gap i have between classes is 2 hours which is fine. Last year i think it was 3 or possibly 4. I also finish up at 4pm (latest) every day, compared to 5pm daily for most of last year.

I also have to mention my new alarm clock – it’s the ultimate sleepbuster and the ability to plan and control alarms for the week ahead is great. Up until i got it, i’d set about 10 alarms daily on my phone, all to go off within a few minutes of each other.

You get used to an alarm tone and that’s not good – as humans we’re comfortable with familiar things so in this case (getting out of bed), i don’t want myself to be comfortable – i want change daily and not familiarity. This new alarm clock gives me that.

It’s the little things that make a huge difference and i’ve no doubt my productivity and work rate will soar this year if i continue to solve small problems like the wi-fi issue and alarm clock.

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