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Champions League Defeat

Yesterday, i spoke about my beloved Man Utd playing in their 4th Champions League Final against Barcelona. It ended in defeat.

Lot's Sorrow
Creative Commons License photo credit: BrotherMagneto

Not just any defeat… this is on a scale of the 4-0 defeat in Barcelona in 1994… the two 1-0 defeats to AC Milan in 2005… these sort of defeats are wake up calls that we’re just not good enough… that we are not the best side in the land.

Utd rarely get outclassed completely over 90 minutes, but that’s what happened yesterday, for 80 minutes. Great first 10 minutes, then bang – we go 1-0 down with Barcelona’s first attack. They hit the post, pulled some great saves out of Van Der Saar (who was Utd’s man of the match) and generally toyed with Utd whenever they wanted to.

Had my starting 11 started, things may have been different but we’ll never know. Anderson has been poor all season. He did not merit a starting place. Giggs should not have started either. There will be lessons learned and hopefully Utd will come back stronger and hungrier next season.

Anyway, all eyes will now turn to Tevez and Ronaldo this summer – will they stay or go?


After 2 years of being blacklisted by the Google Pagerank police, they’ve finally given this blog pagerank again. It’s a pagerank 2 at the minute. About time really – i don’t care about pagerank so long as i still have google traffic, but it looks stupid if this blog is 3 years old, has tonnes of unique content, tonnes of quality backlinks and zero pagerank :mrgreen:

From now on, it looks like i won’t have that problem anyway…

Portfolio Upgrade

Some of you may have noticed a whole host of new images i uploaded to flickr yesterday. These are for my portfolio section and if you take a look in the current projects section, you’ll see a standard format for all images. Came up with it all myself. Crumpled paper effect, sellotape effect on 4 corners and then a radiating glow from behind the pictures…


Here’s a layered psd of it all – feel free to use it as you see fit. I think it looks well, certainly more creative and interesting than standard screenshots 😉

Skydive Offer

I’ve now completed 3 designs / logos as part of this Skydive Offer. All free of charge… only a retweet or blog post required. I did intend doing logos only in photoshop, but so far i’ve done one logo in photoshop, one vector logo in illustrator (for printing purposes) and then i designed an icon for an iphone app…

So i’m venturing in to uncharted seas but it’s all good – i’m learning as i go along! By doing this, even though it’s only been for one day, the design experience i’ve gained has been invaluable. I’m no professional designer, but i may soon be able to pass for one 😉

Bring them all on 😈 If you want a free logo, up to these standards, then what are you waiting for? Contact me!

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