gone 3 weeks, but still getting paid..

Well, i’ve been gone from work about 3 weeks, and wasn’t expecting a single cent from then on, as i’d already got my holiday pay or so i thought..

Just last week, i got over €300 into my account – i wrote it off as my first week in the job – the ‘lying week’ as it’s called.


But i’m just after noticing that €550 was paid into my account yesterday 😯 I don’t have a clue what this is about :mrgreen: but i’ll take it 😉

My only guess is that it’s my 2 weeks summer holiday pay, which i wasn’t entitled to by law, but they must have paid me 2 weeks wages out of goodwill, which is very nice and unexpected 😆

So i’m gone from work nearly 3 weeks, and i’m still getting paid 😎 it’s a massive boost for me – €800 in total i wasn’t expecting. That’ll keep me going for another while 😀

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