Going to Microsoft HQ

Next Monday, 3rd March, i’m heading to Microsoft’s HQ in Sandyford, Dublin with my college.

I’ll get to see Microsoft’s ever-expanding headquarters which employs over 1200 full time staff.

A short while ago, MS announced plans for a $500m datacentre in Dublin, apparently to expand it’s online presence. There’s no doubt about it -the long term revenue is online and Microsoft have some what acknowledged that fact with their offer for Yahoo.

MS really have be kicked in to the gutter by Google and it’s only really now MS realise just how much their missing imo. The search engine battle is over, nobody can topple google now. But the online apps and programs battle is very much in it’s early days.

We’ve seen google swallow up Youtube and Feedburner etc.. and Launch google docs, which are all FREE. The problem MS have is that they need to release a free/open source version of MS office for online users, otherwise google docs will simply kick it’s ass and yet again have Microsoft licking their wounds after another defeat.

Google have search & video tied up – there’s no point even trying to compete at this stage. Social networking is very much on, as is online docs and probably VOIP/video conferencing. No doubt we’ll see many more battles over these technologies as the likes of Google and MS all try to stamp their authority on them.

Anyway, im looking forward to this trip, i’m sure it won’t disappoint 🙂 It is after all just people working in a building, but i’ll be expecting loads of space and fine detail that you’d expect from Microsoft. I hear they have ergonomics experts who change the angle of monitors and adjust seats to suit every employee and maximise productivity and minimise injury/stress. Yeah, that’s what i’m talk’in ’bout :mrgreen:

There ain’t many pics or video of the MS offices around the net (i’ve been looking!), but believe me, if i have my way, there will be once i get back home 😈

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