going to london tomorrow

Tomorrow i’ll be heading off to London for a long weekend. I was supposed to be taking in a Michael Jackson concert on Saturday evening, but it was never meant to be.

Tribute to Michael Jackson (Wallpaper)
Creative Commons License photo credit: guidosportaal

This will be my first trip abroad that i’ve taken a PC with me. I’m bringing my netbook along with me as it’s light, small and extremely useful for checking weather, maps, timetables, not losing touch with the online world 🙂

I’ll still be blogging daily on this blog. Maybe not ‘live’ blogging but i’ve scheduled posts to appear if i can’t make it online or if wi-fi is too expensive / not free in my hotels.

It’s also the start of two ‘go slow’ weeks for me. I’ll not be as active as i have been over the past couple of months online. I’ll be spending most of my time thinking and planning rather than ‘doing’. I will however still be blogging daily and i’ll be online daily, but you can expect some off topic / random posts.

Once i come back to full form on august 3rd, expect a blitz of new sites, new partnerships and lots of news. These are very exciting times for me and provided i keep my head down, i’ll be going back to college in september with one heck of a summer to look back on…

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