Going to London in July

It’s official. Flights are booked, hotel and concert tickets are too. I’m heading to London on July 17th for 3 days, taking in a Michael Jackson concert on the Saturday, 18th July.

Lots of people have been asking how i got tickets after they’d all been ‘sold out’ and i still won’t tell you where i got them (contact me if you really want to know and need tickets yourself), but i bought them as part of a package deal.


2 concert tickets, with 2 nights accommodation (incl breakfast) in a 4* london hotel for £540. If i were to have bought the concert tickets and the same hotel by myself here’s what i would have paid;

  • Tickets: 2 x £75 + £18 booking fee + delivery = £170
  • Hotel: £108 x 2 = £216
  • Total = £386

So i ended up paying £154 more than what i would have liked. HOWEVER, the hotel i’m going to has free wi-fi & breakfast is included in the price – it’s remarkably difficult to find hotels with free wi-fi! It’s also centrally located and gets good reviews on tripadvisor. Ranked in the top 50 hotels in London out of over 1000 which technically places it higher than any hotel i’ve ever stayed in in London and believe me, the hilton olympia and sheraton belgravia (hotels i last stayed in) were not too shabby at all 😉

If booking all of this myself, i would just ‘pay now’ and i wouldn’t get a refund if i had to cancel. The concert is 4 months away yet which is a long time… by booking this package deal, i can cancel right up to the last minute and get the vast majority of my money back.

Also, this is a sold out event so naturally enough, demand is gonna be high for both tickets and hotels. If i had waited to book everything i’d be risking (a) paying more for a hotel (b) flight prices going up. I’m also well aware that Jackson isn’t exactly at his peak in terms of fitness and health, so i wanted to go to one of his original 10 dates, and July 18th will be just his 6th concert in London and his first Saturday night concert in London.

The flights (for two) were €90 all in with ryanair, for two people. I used the visa electron method to bypass the €20 credit card charge i would have had to pay on top of the flight costs. Take that ryanair 😉

So as things stand, i have the flights booked for July 17th – 20th. I have a hotel sorted for the 17th and 18th and just need to find another one for the 19th. I’ll get one on priceline 👿

All in all, total cost is €672 at the minute, with one night left to book. The ‘final’ total will be about €800 for 2 incl transfers to and from airport, 2 Jacko tickets, 3 nights in a hotel with breakfast & wi-fi included.

More than i had planned for, but some people are buying the concert tickets alone for that price :mrgreen:

Creative Commons License photo credit: BitchBuzz

Anyway, Michael Jackson will join Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake on the ‘musical superstars i’ve seen live’ list. Just to say i’ve seen him live will be something special – whatever way you look at it, he’ll go down as the biggest pop star in history. The setlist has been leaked and i’m pretty sure every single one of you will instantly recognise most of these tunes;

  • ‘Billie Jean’
  • ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”
  • ‘Rock With You’
  • ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’
  • ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’
  • ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’
  • ‘Human Nature’
  • ‘Smooth Criminal’
  • ‘Girlfriend’
  • ‘Man In The Mirror’
  • ‘Beat It’
  • ‘One Day In Your Life’
  • ‘Heal The World’
  • ‘You Are Not Alone’
  • ‘Remember The Time’
  • ‘Thriller’

It’s rare you’ll come across someone who doesn’t like ANY of Michael Jackson’s songs, which is probably the reason why he sold out 50 dates in London. Apart from the touts cashing in and the legions of hardcore fans all around the world going, there’s a lot of people like myself who’ll just go for the experience. Not big fans, but like his music and want to say they’ve seen him live.

This will now be my 3rd visit to london in 3 consecutive summers. I’ve done all the touristy stuff like visit Big Ben, Tower of London, go on London Eye, Buckingham Palace… seen Wembley (both old and new), been to a West End show, seen London bridge, Madam Tussuad’s, been in millenium dome before… London’s such a huge city that there’s loads more to do and i’d do the above all over again anyway if i could :mrgreen:

11 thoughts on “Going to London in July”

  1. hello mr concert tickets booked ya lucky thing is that prive per person??

    email me with the site please

    loves ya

  2. it’s £540 for two people and that includes two nights in a 4* hotel and 2 MJ tickets – email sent 😉

  3. Hi, Please help on this. Need to gift it to my girlfriend and I would be grateful if you can help me out. Also she lives in London, do you think I can book only the tickets ? Thanks.

  4. Hi MP, i’m afraid not, i can only get a package deal with minimum 1 night accomodation. £418 for two, for one night, or £540 for two, for two nights.

  5. yeah i’m gutted – too late for a refund i’m afraid, but i’d always planned on going anyway – whether he showed up or not… never thought death would be the reason for him not showing up though!

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