Goals Update


A couple of days ago i linked to my ‘goals for 2010‘ post and i thought i should dedicate a post to them, to check in on how i’m doing with them all.

Stephen Fry controversially claims in this video that goals are useless and i’d agree up to a point. It’s one thing setting goals, it’s another actually achieving them. That’s the hard part. Anyone can set goals. It requires a variety of different skills to achieve them and keep achieving them. It’s also worth checking this video out as a career guidance lesson – better than the rehashed rubbish you get in classrooms…


Anyway, on to my goals for 2010. Here they are;

  1. Get a Degree
  2. Start an Honors Degree
  3. Get a new car
  4. Blog daily on smemon.com
  5. Increase traffic to smemon.com
  6. Double traffic to theleavingcert.com
  7. Launch BeerChief
  8. Add to Portfolio
  9. More networking
  10. Upload more pictures & video

Here’s what i haven’t achieved yet;

  1. Start an Honors Degree
  2. Increase traffic to smemon.com
  3. Launch BeerChief
  4. More networking

So i’ve done 6 of 10 with just over half the year gone. Not bad, i’m actually on course to complete all 10 which to be honest i wouldn’t have thought i’d do at the start of the year. It was a lot to ask of myself, although i knew i was capable of doing everything.

I missed a day of blogging on January 2nd, but since then i’ve been blogging daily which is pretty incredible. Exams, holidays, hail, rain, shine… it’s consistency at a level i realistically wouldn’t have banked on at the start of the year. Anyone who writes, knows it isn’t always easy to hit deadlines religiously and come up with stuff to write about on a daily basis.

Tiredness, sickness, mood, pressure… human stuff we all have to deal with but as i like to call them ‘excuses’. If i’m not feeling 100%, that’s my problem, nobody else’s. That’s always my attitude. We’re not entitled to anything, including sympathy. It’s something you should have to earn, not something you should demand.

That kind of attitude means i’m always highly critical of myself which works because it keeps me moving forward all the time. No excuses, ever. So if some of those goals aren’t met by the end of 2010, i’ve nothing to hide behind which is why they’re all being completed one by one. I don’t remind myself of them every day, but they do crop in to my head every so often and it’s nice to have them as motivation.

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