Goals for 2011


I ended up nailing 8 out of 10 goals for 2010, and if i can maintain that hit rate in 2011, i’ll be happy. Here’s my 10 goals for 2011…

1. Develop an iphone app

Craft > Arte > Art
Creative Commons License photo credit: Neven Mrgan

Last month i got myself a mac mini and added a third monitor to my desk. I’ve become attached to it very quickly and would struggle to go back to just two monitors. Anyway, the main reason i got it & the mac mini was to create iphone apps. Expect to see some kind of iphone apps from me over the next year… none of them will be anything special but i want to move from being an observer /consumer to a creator.

2. Build another theleavingcert.com

Success 02
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We quadroupled traffic to theleavingcert.com this year and that was on the back of growing it in 2009 as well. 2011 should see us top the 250,000 unique visit mark and whilst i’ll be focusing on developing that site further, i also want to build something new and try to emulate it’s success. By ‘success’ i mean growing a community and gathering more traffic day by day. Proper, official web based business? perhaps…

3. Increase traffic to theleavingcert.com

Housing Ladder 1
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In 2010, theleavingcert.com has gotten itself around 200,000 unique visits and just under half a million page views. It has grown over 300% this year. I’m not confident we can sustain that kind of growth but we’ll certainly try to. Doubling traffic is very doable and i’ll be delighted if i can sit here in 12 months time and say we’ve hit that target.

4. Increase traffic to smemon.com

Housing Ladder 1
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This is something i failed at in 2010… traffic didn’t increase, it decreased (although only by around 4%). I’m now even more determined to get more eyeballs to this blog in 2011. Expect a theme revamp and more emphasis on social networking integration.

5. Edit & upload more videos to youtube

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chris Doelle

Now that i have an iphone 4, taking video is easy. I can record in HD no matter where i am. I haven’t bothered much with video up until now but that has to change. I don’t think it’s good enough to shoot video and upload it either, it must be edited properly. A small of amount of editing adds a great deal to the overall impression. With all sorts of video editing apps and desktop software out there now it’s much easier to edit video now than it was 3 or 4 years ago.

6. Upload even more photos to flickr

Creative Commons License photo credit: daijo1

I uploaded well over 1,000 images to flickr in 2010 and i intend to upload even more in 2011. And i’ll continue to design too in photoshop, maybe not design daily or blog daily for that matter but expect to see more content from me in 2011 than any other year so far.

7. Get at least a 2.1 degree in IT Management

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I’m half way through an honours degree in IT Management. Assuming i passed all of my Christmas exams, i have just 5 months and 6 modules left in college. I was never overly concerned with grades, but anything less than a 2.1 (60%) and i wouldn’t be happy with myself. Anything above that probably isn’t achievable unless i radically overhaul the way i study but is it worth it? I’d prefer to develop an iphone app or learn new skills than invest even more of my time trying to ‘fix’ my own grades to look good on a CV.

8. Visit more Irish landmarks & attractions

New Grange megalithic passage tomb
Creative Commons License photo credit: Collin Key

I went up to the Giant’s Causeway last summer. Newgrange, Cliffs of Moher etc… are all on my to-do list and i’ll be aiming to visit some in 2011. Sticking with travel, i’ll be in Barcelona for a few days next month plus i’ll be away in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a week in May 2011.

9. More networking

Creative Commons License photo credit: César Poyatos

The key to pretty much everything. I’m hoping to increase my online presence by actively participating in more social networks. This will encourage me to publish more content too whether it’s videos, photos or plain old text. Offline, i’ll no doubt find my way to some business shows / events and graduate fairs. It’s all good.

10. Masters / Job / Business

a newbie in town
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After May, the way i see it, i have three options… stay on in college and do a masters, look for a job or start my own business. No matter what happens, time will force me in to making a decision. I list this as a goal because it’ll form a huge chunk of my 2011, particularly the latter half. It’s important i make the right choice. Masters is the safe option, looking for a job is the easy option, starting a business is the most difficult and challenging option, but would bring the greatest reward and sharpest learning experience.

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