goals for 2011 – how am i doing?


Time for a stock take. Late last year i published my top 10 goals for 2011. Although there’s still more than 5 months remaining in 2011, i feel it’s important to check in on myself…

1. Develop an iphone app – to do

Back in January i spent a lot of time learning about objective c & iphone development. I studied a lot of courses of iTunes U from american universities and even put together basic ‘click this button and you hear a sound’ apps. I did get on to more advanced stuff but my dissertation got in the way and eventually i became snowed under with college work. Will i still create an app in 2011? I’d like to think so. I still don’t have the time, but for different reasons…

2. Build another theleavingcert.com – to do

This is definitely something i’m going to do in 2011. It’s something i’m in the process of doing…

3. Increase traffic to theleavingcert.com – done

We had bumper traffic to theleavingcert.com in 2011. Last time i checked, our 2011 traffic (first 6 months) had already eclipsed 2010’s yearly traffic :mrgreen: It seems so obvious to try and inject more time and energy in to that site, based on the growth we’ve had year after year but time is still a problem for me. I’m hoping to make some moves with the site for september (new school year).

4. Increase traffic to smemon.com – to do

I’m on course to achieve this goal. These days smemon.com is a place where i just throw down whatever comes in to my head… whatever i feel passionate about. There’s nothing particularly interesting about it or the content.. nothing ‘bookmark worthy’ so in that sense i’m not giving it my all or writing about things i know can generate traffic or spark debate. I’ve lost the desire to do that here but smemon.com is still the most important web property to me, above everything else.

5. Edit & upload more videos to youtube – done

I’ve already uploaded more videos to my youtube this year than any other, but still not enough for my own liking. I should be uploading a video on a daily basis.. as frequently as i blog. My July challenge will hopefully motivate me to keep uploading videos, no matter how big or small or stupid.

6. Upload even more photos to flickr – done

I think i uploaded over 1200 photos of my trip to Bosnia Herzegovina / Croatia in May. This week i’m heading away to Paris for a few days so you can be guaranteed hundreds, if not thousands more photos 🙂

7. Get at least a 2.1 degree in IT Management – done

I set this goal before i even got my Christmas results so there was an element of risk attached to it. Get ‘at least’ a 2.1 degree…


“anything less than a 2.1 (60%) and i wouldn’t be happy with myself. Anything above that probably isn’t achievable unless i radically overhaul the way i study but is it worth it? I’d prefer to develop an iphone app or learn new skills than invest even more of my time trying to ‘fix’ my own grades to look good on a CV.”

I remember writing that at the time and truly believing it, it wasn’t said to act as a safety net should i not get a 1.1, it was 100% honest and turned out be to 100% accurate too. A 1:1 wouldn’t have been achievable without a dramatic increase in work rate, whereas the 2:1 was within my grasp, i knew it and did enough to get it.

8. Visit more Irish landmarks & attractions – to do

This is a tough one.. i can’t really go away for the weekend by myself so i have to negotiate a bit. Sights -v- Shops. I did actually go to Glendalough through the Wicklow mountains (by myself) earlier in the year. That’s one attraction i can cross off my list. There are many more and i do hope to visit some over the next couple of weeks.

9. More networking – done

I’d call this one a success. This may very well lead to work / a business so hopefully as 2011 draws to a close i’ll be circling this goal as the most important / beneficial. I’ve been much more active with networking in 2011 -v- 2010, mainly because i have more time now and aren’t shackled up with college work.

10. Masters / Job / Business – to do

Kinda tied in with goal no.9. I’ve ruled a masters out. This year anyway. I’m gonna learn a great deal more working in a business, hopefully a business i’ll have helped create so i’d be an idiot to shy away from hands on / real world experience and spend another year or more in college. I keep telling myself i need a reason to do masters and ‘better career prospects’ is not a valid reason imo. It’s an excuse, if anything which is why i won’t allow myself to go down that road, not until i’ve tried and failed at other things.

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