glossy black is cool

I’m just back from Dundalk today, not in college, but ‘shopping’ with the other half.

Shopping for me now involves going around the tech shops for about 20 minutes, getting a drink and paper in a newsagents and sitting in the car for an hour reading the newspaper :mrgreen:

Anyway, i seen the 19″ and 22″ samsung pebble LCD’s – the monitors i want for my new office. I’d only seen the TV’s up until now, but based on solid feedback and my history with samsung TV’s i decided i’d get 2 x 20″ samsung monitors for my new office.

But the monitors look sexier in real life than they do below. That glossy black finish just oozes class. Chuck in an XPS powerhouse and i’ll have some seductive equipment on show 😛


4 thoughts on “glossy black is cool”

  1. Ah sure you may aswell treat yourself! 😛 You deserve it after all the hard work you put into your work! 😀

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